Customer Testimonials for Karplus Warehouse Inc.

Mara P. - 2013 Nissan Juke

Gustavo and the whole team helped me get the exact car I wanted! Absolutely would say go to Karplus, they got me in a my ride for a monthly cost I could afford. They for sure were the most helpful of all the dealerships I went to over 3 weeks not having a car!

Shiela F. - 2009 Mercedes E-class

I was looking for a car to change my old one, and my friend referred to this place to call Rey or Don. They were very helpful over the phone and eventually i came today and found the perfect car for me.. I had a hard time finding a car because the lot was so big with probably more than 500 cars my salesman was patient enough to let me test drive 5 cars before i finally found the one i want and suits me. The finance was fast and just spending 3 hours at the dealership im finally taking my car home. Thanks Karplus for your patience and assistance. I highly recommend this dealership!

Heyz E. - 2012 BMW X5

Bought my first car here before like 5yrs ago and it served me good. Now coming back to trade it in and get newer one. Amazing that the staff is the same as before. They helped me from start to finish, from salesman to manager to the guy that got ke to sign the paperworks. Its been a pleasure to purchase cars from here. Huge selection and prices are really good. Always recommended to my families and friends.

Evelyn A. - 2015 Nissan Altima

Purchase my car here at Karplus so far i cant complain about it i love my Car. Best place to purchase a vehicle highly recommend!!!! Really nice sales employees . Great customer service .My friend recommended this place to me so I called Ray... Best part of it it was really close by my house.Best dealership in the valley.

Alex Crave - 2012 Chevy Malibu

My review is based on my personal experience 1 year ago and nothing to do with whatever I have read online. I just want to be fair with whoever I'm leaving the review specially with Karplus which I read the reviews after I purchased and more of the bad reviews does not make sense to me and more of a buyer's remorse or bad luck rather than service oriented reviews. First of all Karplus is selling pre-owned vehicles which means it is used not by them but whoever is the previous owner is. As far as I know, they get their vehicle from auction the same way all the dealership get theirs. By deciding to buy a pre-owned vehicle because you don't want to spend tons of money on a new one, you should already know the precautions you need to take before doing so. I don't blame them if somewhere along the way of owning the vehicle, you might have a bad luck and having problems with the vehicle. I believe that if you want to go the direction of blaming others instead of yourself, first you blame yourself, then the manufacturer of the car, then the owner of the car, then last is the dealer who sold it to you. Even if you buy a brand new vehicle which in my case happened to me 2 times, after the warranty expired I have problems with my steering on my 2006 Murano which I was charge by the dealer $2000 to fix it. It only has 37k miles but basic warranty is gone and powertrain is left, then at 50k miles axle had a problem that warranty covered, next is my New 2011 Pilot which below 10k miles developed a noise on the engine and a transmission shifting problem as well. These experience brought me to just buy a pre-owned vehicle which is great on value and you can still purchase an extended warranty up to the same term as what the brand new car has. Back to my experience. I was searching online and found Karplus website that promted me to scan there vehicles. I was in a market for a compact sized car for dependability and economy reasons, a car that I can just use in the valley from point A to B. Yelp also showed on the result page but did not bother to read. I saw a 2012 Chevy Cruze on their website and considering the price miles and year, it's perfect on what I was looking for. I called and set-up an appointment with one of the salesperson and to tell you the truth, he was persistent on bringing me in the dealership. I gave it a shot and came the next day which is my day off. I test drove the Cruze but seems very less space for cargo. I went around the lot and they have a huge inventory. I saw a 2012 Malibu which is in my price range and fell in love with it. Went ahead and dealt with the numbers. It took a little bit because I was not planning to purchase that day. They did everything to persuade me. Import things which got them my business. 1) They showed me the Carfax. 2) The advised me to show it to my mechanic( I spend $150 for this a peace of mind). 3)Financing was great that I could not resist. 4) Last is they gave me a 3 months warranty for free if I buy that day. Overall I have a great experience and it's been 1 year and my Malibu is still in great condition with only changing oils between intervals and other minor maintenance. I would definitely recommend them based on my experience. I believe that sometimes luck plays a big role in buying a vehicle whether it's a new or preowned. Just be a wise buyer. That's it. Read more at:

Darlene H. - 2013 Cadillac CTS

On valentine's day I came in and knew exactly what I wanted. MR.CHAVEZ was was a perfect salesman he was true to his word and very nice he made my experience a pleasant one i got what I wanted. I also had a pleasant experience with Orlando in the finance department. Thank you very much MR. CHAVEZ and congrats to you and your soon to be wife. I would definitely come back....

Benson D. - 2014 BMW 135

4th car we have purchased from Karplus over the years. Must say they are getting better and better. Paperworks were fast and easy while my kids play on a playroom. We're happy with my new BMW. Thanks Karplus!

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